Atomix uses humanely raised meat and dairy from local farmers. 

All without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones



Coffee, Tea, Espresso, Latte, Cappucino  Atomix Chai, Iced Tea, Cold-pressed Coffee, Soy Shakes, Bubble Water, Bubble Water w/ sugar (Soda Pop), Still Water, Still water w/ sugar (Juice)

Breakfast (Until 5pm)

New York Bagel & Bialy w/ organic cream cheese $3.50 (varieties of bagels change daily)

Organic Cream Cheese's: plain, veggie, sun-dried tomato jalapeno, vegan plain, vegan veggie


Breakfast Sandwich $5.25

bagel, organic egg, cheddar 

add local sourced protein $3.25 turkey, bacon or seitan

add veggies $.75


Housemade Vegan Muffins and Breads

Pumpkin Chocolate, Blueberry, Morning Glory, Coffee Cake, Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread $4

Housemade Granola w/ your choice of milk

cup $4    bowl $6

substitute yogurt $1


Housemade Vegan Soup (unless noted)

 Vegan Chili (October 1 - May 1)

cup $4 bowl $6

add cheese and/or sour cream $1

Sandwiches  served w/ Chips and Salsa or Dirty Potato Chips

Veggies on Wheat: red pepper garlic sauce, baby swiss and all our vegetables $8.50

Pita: hummus, olive tapenade, tomato, cucumber and onion, $8.50 w/ feta $9.50

Grilled Cheese on Wheat:  triple cheddar with pesto and tomato $8.50

BST on Wheat: bacon, spinach, tomato and mayo $9.50

Turkey on Pretzel Roll: Red pepper garlic, tomato, spinach and onion $10

Seitan on Pretzel Roll: soy cheese, pesto, spinach, onion and tomato $10

Housemade Black Bean Burger on Pretzel Roll: spinach, onion, tomato, mustard and ketchup $10 add cheese $1