S2 E4 Big Time vs Something Happened On The Way To Heaven by Daniel Murphy

The penultimate episode to Season 2 has arrived, and if you love cheesy football team entrance music, you are in for a treat from Phil.  On the other hand, if you have been hankering for a song that fluctuates between A flat minor  and A flat Dorian, well Pete's got your back.  If you just showed up to hear the 5-star reviews, well then we got you covered there.  The only thing this episode really lacks is any facts.
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S2 E3 Sledgehammer vs Sussudio by Daniel Murphy

Episode 3, Season 2, it couldn't get any better than this.  In fact it won't, this is probably the apex of the whole series, so strap in and watch us crash and burn.  Leave us a 5-star review, before its too late...
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S2 E2 Shock the Monkey vs I Don't Care Anymore by Daniel Murphy

I real treat this week. Neither of us really knew the songs and we don't even talk all that much about them.  In the end its a spectacular episode that needs to be heard to be believed.  Dan tells a great story and Christian continues to deny knowing anything about music.  Don't forget that 5-star review you promised us.

S2 E1 Solsbury Hill vs In the Air Tonight by Daniel Murphy

We did it, that's right we finally recorded the first episode of season 2.  Hope you like it.   This Season is the Geniuses of Genesis, Peter Gabriel vs Phil Collins.  surprise winner this week for one of us, in the biz they call a tease....  
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S1 Finale We Didn't Start The Fire vs You Can Call Me Al by Daniel Murphy

We made it!  It is the Season 1 finale and it is more exciting than finding out there are "others" on the island as well.  One of these songs is a #1 hit and the other song is actually good, you will just have to listen to find out which is which.  Big thanks to everyone who listened and to those who didn't listen but gave us a 5-star review anywhow.  Rate, review, subscribe so you don't miss when we come back for Season 2 in a few weeks.

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Good Riddance...

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S1 E9 Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes vs The Longest Time by Daniel Murphy

The penultimate episode to season 1 has arrived, and unlike some shows hosted by Marc Maron, this one delivers.  Sometimes we have a clear cut winner, sometimes we are 60/40, but this week was the closest we have ever been to calling a tie.  Find out who heads into the finale with a lead.  it's not too late to get your name read on the air, rate, review & subscribe!
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*Sorry about going over the 30 minute time limit

S1 E8 Uptown Girl vs Graceland by Daniel Murphy

Episode 8 is upon us, and this one did not go according to plan.  If you think you know which way we are voting on this one you might be surprised, also by me giving you that hint you might not be.  Anyhow, just as Billy Joel Learned to play the game, Paul Simone changed the rules.  Rate! Review! Subscribe!
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S1 E7 Still Crazy After All These Years vs You May Be Right by Daniel Murphy

Episode 7 is upon us, and it is a tight 30.   We discuss the Concert in Central Park, how Billy Joel was the original Stone Cold and much much more; not too much as we keep it under a half hour.  Please give us a rating in the Itunes store or Stitcher and feel free to give direct feedback below.
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S1 E6 Late In The Evening vs It's Still Rock And Roll To Me by Daniel Murphy

Its all downhill from here! Episode 6 begins the second half of Season 1 with a #1 hit for someone.  Christian and Dan butt heads a little bit on Weird Al's place in the word, and give thoughts on Billy Joel's spin on Hammurabi's Law.  Needless to say if your behind, you are gonna want to binge listen to get caught up to this one.
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S1 E5 Slip Slidin' Away vs My Life by Daniel Murphy

Week #5 and we are halfway through Season 1, who is in the lead? Listen and find out. Horrible click bait copy aside, this week both songs breached the top 5, but for the life of me I can't understand why. Some interesting things about Billy Joel and Richard Lewis' relationship get uncovered and Paul cops an attitude with his label. Rate us 5 stars, seriously we have major ego issues.
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S1 E4 Only The Good Die Young vs 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover by Daniel Murphy

Episode 4 delivers in a big way.   A local critic has gone on record as saying, "Yes, I heard they were doing a podcast."  You do not want to be left behind, and from the looks of it you are not.  50 Ways is amazing, especially if you like sad songs mixed in with your rhymin disco hits; and thank the good lord Only the Good Die Young wasn't a reggae tune.  Subscribe, leave us reviews, send us feedback however you see fit...

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S1 E3 Kodachrome vs Movin Out (Anthony's Song) by Daniel Murphy

Episode 3 (now that it is fixed) does not disappoint.  Paul Simon drops some mad science with his top 10 single Kodachrome, but Billy really hits his stride with Movin Out (Anthony's Song).  Also, one of our judges makes an unprecedented decision.  
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S1 E2 Me & Julio vs The Piano Man by Daniel Murphy

Holy Cow! We made it to episode 2.  This week we take the seminal Billy Joel track Piano Man and pit it against Paul Simon's classic, "Me and Julio, down by the schoolyard."  There can be only One!  
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Also, Dan says "quintessential" about 10 times and Christian chases them every time with an "Absolutely!"